Home Office


 2 Mb/s  download
1 Mb/s upload
perfect for Home Office
Single User
Most Affordable Business Rate

Small Business


5 Mb/s download
1 Mb/s upload
Point of Sale
Supports VPN
Perfect for Small Businesses



8 Mb/s download
2 Mb/s upload
VOIP Systems
Faster Support



11 Mb/s download
2 Mb/s upload
Camera Systems
Tier 2 Support
Best Value!

All Business Packages include the following options:

 Rural coverage – Even if your business is in a rural area, ANR.net may still be able to cover your needs.
 24/7 Network Monitoring – We monitor our network infrastructure 24/7 and will have immediate awareness of most problems.
 Secure Remote Access – Connect to your office via Virtual Private Network (VPN). SSH and Telnet also available upon request.
 Discounted Hosting – All business class connections get 50% off standard webhosting packages.
 Unlimited Usage – Enjoy all of your online media as much as you want. You will never be charged extra for streaming too many movies or other media
 No long-Term contracts – We want you to stay with us because you are happy with the service we provide and we won’t ask you to stay otherwise.

Extended Service Plan

Highly Recommended – For an additional $5.95/month, we insure your equipment. From the client radio up to and including the PoE against any damages (provided damage was due to natural causes.) This plan will cover incidents such as weather related events, re-alignments, etc. It does not cover human error or any network equipment inside the home such as your router. View the full plan details.

Additional Business Services

Dedicated Access

 Up to 100Mb/s  download
Secure, Encrypted
Custom Rates
Higher SLA

Enterprise Wireless

Roaming WiFi
Remote Hosting
Offices/Large Campuses

Managed Point to Point

Managed Router
2 Client Radios
Remote Support
Secure, Encrypted

Tower Climbing

30 Years Experience
Fall Protection
Rescue Trained