Warning: There are some local Internet providers that try to confuse you with terminology when they tell you how fast your download speed will be. Specifically, watch out for providers that use terms like “Equivalent Residential” speed and try to tell you that you have to multiply the results of your speed tests by some number. We believe that is unethical and false advertising on their part. All major speed tests use Megabits per second (Mb/s) as the measuring standard. Do not believe them when they tell you Megabytes per second (MB/s). We recommend an independent third party speed test like DSLReports for reliable and true results. If you have an existing provider that advertises this, call our office (505-966-5026) and schedule a free site survey so you can compare the results side by side!



 3 Mb/s  download
Most affordable rate we offer
Email and basic Internet usage
Individuals/Small Families



5 Mb/s download
Hi quality streaming
Multiple device households
Most popular plan



10 Mb/s download
HDTV Streaming
PC/Console gaming
Stream Multiple Devices



20 Mb/s download
4k HDTV Streaming
Power users package
You can do it all on this plan!

All Packages include the following options:

 Unlimited Usage – Enjoy all of your online media as much as you want. You will never be charged extra for streaming too many movies or other media.
 No Contracts – We want you to stay with us because you are happy with the service we provide and we won’t ask you to stay otherwise.

Managed Wi-Fi Service

With ANR’s Managed Wi-Fi Service your home will always have the best Wi-Fi available. We will provide our most powerful Wi-Fi router and you can leave the installation, configuration, maintenance and support of your Wi-Fi to us. We’ll even come out and replace it for you if it breaks – free of charge.

Advanced Support with Managed Wi-Fi: Our team of wireless professionals will support both your Internet connection and home Wi-Fi. Don’t hassle with advanced troubleshooting and configuration. Let us take care of it.

Extended Service Plan

Highly Recommended – For an additional $5.95/month, we insure your equipment. From the client radio up to and including the PoE against any damages (provided damage was due to natural causes.) This plan will cover incidents such as weather related events, re-alignments, etc. It does not cover human error or any network equipment inside the home such as your router. View the full plan details.